3 Myths About Cougar Women

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Cougars are generally defined as older women, usually in their 40s or above, who date younger men. Demi Moore, who is married to a man 16 years her junior, and Madonna, who is nearly 30 years older than her boyfriend are two well-known examples. However, as so-called cougars receive more attention from society more myths develop about older women who date young men. Here are 3 common stereotypes about cougar women that simply aren’t true.

They’re Easy Targets

Many people believe that single older women, or cougars, are easy targets for almost any young man. This is rarely the case. Cougars want a healthy, loving relationship just like everyone else and they aren’t likely to give their hearts to just any man, young or otherwise. Young men who want to attract the interest of a cougar, and keep it, will need something to offer something other than their youth.

They’re Sex Crazed

Another common myth about cougars is that they’re sex-crazed beings who will practically rip off the clothing of a young man. While some older women may behave this way, most ladies in their 40s and 50s are not driven into a lustful frenzy at the sight of a young man. In fact, unlike their many of their younger counterparts, cougar women know exactly what they do and do not like in the bedroom and will not bother with a man who can't meet their needs, even if he is young. 

They’re Sugar Mamas

Sure, an older woman may have more money than her twenty-something boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean she’ll pay his bills or lavish him with expensive gifts. While some cougars may enjoy playing the role of a sugar mama, it’s not something a young man should expect. Most cougar ladies have worked hard for their money and aren’t about to blow it on a man simply because he’s a few years younger. 

Despite common myths, cougar women are not sex-crazed beings who are easy pickings for almost any young man, and they are not likely to play the role of a sugar mama. Sure, women like this exist, but they are the exception rather than the norm. If a young man is interested in dating an older woman he must still win her over with his charm and personality. Youth alone is just not enough.


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