60% of Women Refuse to Be Seen Without Makeup

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If you’re the type of woman who won’t leave the house without a full face of makeup on, you’ve got plenty of company. A UK study has found that six out of ten women, regardless of what they’re doing, wear makeup every day – it doesn’t matter if they have a big meeting or they’re just hitting the grocery store.

“For many women, putting their makeup on is an important part of the day,” says Sara Wolverson, Director of Beauty for the UK health and beauty chain Superdrug, which conducted the survey. “The thought of people seeing them without it can be horrifying.”

Going on, a good percentage also reported that they were so obsessed with makeup, that they would have to date a guy for two-and-a-half months before they let him see their face without makeup on, which begs the question – no sleepovers?

14 percent of women also said they wake up before their significant others do so that they can “put their face on.”

The poll was conducted with 3,000 women, and even though it was conducted by a health and beauty chain (where women shopping might be more into makeup than if say, a library conducted the survey), it’s not surprising to see that some women are very attached to cosmetics.

Wolverson says, “Make-up is a great confidence booster, it can conceal any blemishes you are self conscious about, especially in front of a new boyfriend.” Interestingly enough, more than a third of the women polled were convinced their current boyfriends wouldn’t have liked them if they hadn’t been wearing makeup when they met.

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