A Girl's Guide to the Secrets of Strip Clubs

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Raw and controversial, The Naked Truth in a Gentlemen’s Club aims to clarify myths and assumptions about strippers. Valarie Amber, a top VIP dancer in Las Vegas and New York, is informing girls on everything they need to know from the different types of customers to making top dollar while sustaining longevity.

"Women today have it hard enough fighting for respect in this industry, but I am ready to answer any tough question," Amber said. "My book is here to clear up the myths that are believed about the strip clubs. It’s a growing industry where there are no guidelines for a dancer on how to conduct business, until now."

Amber began dancing 10 years ago and has seen other girls, as well as herself, make all kinds of mistakes without even realizing it. Often times, those beginner blunders cost girls their careers.

"The most educated women coming into this industry will be intimidated because of the atmosphere," Amber said. "Also, the communication with men is different than what they are used to in the real world; it is difficult for them to adjust to."

Stereotyping and negativity cause strippers to conduct their jobs in secret, but Amber hopes her book, along with classes she teaches, will help women become more proud of this profession.

Source: PR.com, Photo: The Naked Truth

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