A Love Story Featuring A Discontinued Conditioner

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Women love men who pay attention, especially to the little details. This guy gets a lot of good husband points for doing just that.

Women get really frustrated when companies decide to discontinue our beloved beauty products. We have to start all over looking for a favorite that we adore as much as the one we’ve lost. 

Well, this wife was distraught about losing her favorite conditioner, one she used for fifteen years. Her husband, being the thoughtful guy he was, had an idea. He started to buy up the remaining stock of her favorite conditioner, amassing 38 bottles. 

Two weeks before the birth of their son he wrapped a bottle and gave it to her. It was a sweet gesture but he had a better idea.  He waited for the  bottle to be down about half way. Then he refilled it and he refilled it every day, wondering when she was going to notice something hinky and mention it. After all it was the never ending bottle. 

It took about nine weeks for her say something to him about the conditioner. Unfortunately it wasn’t exactly what he wanted to hear. You see, the conditioner was now being marketed under a different brand name.  She decided to buy the new conditioner in bulk so she would never be out of it, should it be discontinued again.

He finally had to come clean. He showed her the remaining bottles he had purchased. At first she was confused and then she was touched.

He definitely scored points with his wife then.


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