A Well Stocked Bar is the Key to a Good Holiday Party

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Holidays are prime time for entertaining.  One of the cornerstones of a good party is a well stocked bar.

To put one together requires a trip to the local liquor store.  You will want to have on hand a good bottle of vodka, gin, scotch and rum.  The brands don’t always have to be top shelf, buy what your budget will allow.  Bacardi Rum, Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey, Absolute Vodka, and London Dry Gin are all good starting points.  Don’t forget the wine or beer. You will want both red and white varietals; as well a few choices of beer, domestic and imported would be a great touch. 

Next you will want to pick up mixers such as sour mix, tonic water, cola, and a variety of juices.  Also grab a few lemons, limes and a bottle of cherries for garnish. 

Keep in mind too, that your guests may have 2 drinks in the first hour and one drink for every hour after that. So if you plan to to invite 10 people for a four hour party you will need enough for 50 drinks on hand.

You will need a variety of glasses too.  To be proper you should have wine glasses for both red and white. Yes there are different types of glasses for each.  Red wine glasses have a broader bowl to them, while white wine glasses are narrower. 

For beer you can opt for a good pilsner glass or allow your guests to drink from the bottle or can. Most beer drinkers won’t mind not having a glass.  Other drinks call for Highballs and Double Old-Fashioneds, Martini glasses, Tom Collins glasses. 

To be perfectly honest, you can save money by just getting the high ball glasses, martini glasses and white wine glasses.  It really depends on how formal you wish to be.  Our grandparents more than likely had all proper glasses for entertaining, but we tend to be a bit more casual.

Other tools that are handy to have on hand would be a good wine opener, a bottle opener, a shaker and a strainer.

Now you have the makings of a great bar for your holiday entertaining.

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