All-Female Police Force Under Fire

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Hey ladies, looking for a job? The Mexican Pacific state of Guerrero has posted this help wanted ad for a new all-female tourist police force: Wanted: Women ages 18-26, who are at least 5-foot-5 and whose weight is proportional to that height. Must have good physical and mental health. Knowledge of English is a plus.

Professional perks include hot cop costumes. "We are designing a gorgeous uniform that can distinguish us like the police in London, for example, so that Acapulco can have an additional visual attraction to what we already have," said Ramon Almonte Borja, head of the state's public security secretariat.

In addition to age, height, and weight requirements, the force wants women without any tattoos or piercings for the 52 available positions. While some see this as excellent employment opportunities, women's rights groups are outraged. 

"Once again women are put in the stereotype of being decorations," said Blanca Rico, executive director of Semillas, a women's rights group in Mexico City. "One would never imagine male police officers being selected for their looks."

The tourist police will be tasked with assisting visitors and deterring crime. They won't even carry weapons.

In defense of the discrimination, security secretariat spokesman Oscar Gatica said that they just have a standardized look in mind and even those who don't necessarily fit the qualifications may apply. Do you think this idea is simply a tourist attraction, or seriously offensive?


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