Are Pantyhose Making a Comeback?

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Pantyhose, nylons, or tights whatever you want to call them; they are considered a necessary evil by some.  Prior to the 1980’s no self-respecting woman would leave the house in a dress without her hose on.  They were as important as the matching hat and shoes she wore.

Slowly, as the corporate culture changed and there was less of an emphasis on professional dress, pantyhose became less important and almost extinct in some places.  Still, they are considered part of a lady’s required dress.  This fact is not lost on the Duchess of Cambridge; she has been seen wearing them to all of her official functions.  

As the style icon that she is, she may single handedly be starting a new trend, at least in her native Britain.  It seems pantyhose are flying off the shelves in London. 
Could this trend make its way across the pond?  Is it possible that what has been regarded as unnecessary over the last twenty years could suddenly become a must again?  

For this country to embrace pantyhose, it would take a fashion revolution to get young women to dress appropriately.

The rules our grandmothers grew up with were tossed out by our mothers and we continue to erode the remaining rules of decency. We have become a more casual culture with girls wearing skirts and dresses without hose, letting their bra straps show with ill-fitting tank tops, and allowing their underwear to be seen through their skirts.  Today there is little sense of proper dress for a young woman. 

Kate, on the other hand, is setting a remarkable example for her generation. No matter what the function is, she is impeccably dressed, right down to her tights.  Perhaps she is leading the revolution that brings back a sense of pride in our appearances and the way we dress.


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