Are You a Member of This Dating Site?

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You may be a member of this dating site without even knowing it. How’s that possible?

A couple of artists have created a fake “dating site” by gathering information and photos from 250,000 Facebook profiles without Facebook’s (or, obviously, the individuals’) permission. is apparently the new source for gawking at strangers who haven’t adjusted their Facebook privacy settings. Creepy! claims to be a dating agency, but in reality, it’s just a database of names and profile pictures scraped from public profiles available on Facebook. The pictures have been analyzed and grouped into various categories you can use to filter your search results: categories like “easy-going,” “funny,” etc.

There’s no sign-up, and the only way you can ‘arrange a date’ is by clicking through to the unsuspecting user’s ACTUAL Facebook profile and messaging them. Facebook is not pleased with this “art project,” and a spokesperson told Wired magazine, “We’re investigating this site and will take appropriate action.”

Since that quote, the website has been down. Still, the two Italian artists, Paulo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovic maintain the project was meant to illustrate “how fragile a virtual identity given to a proprietary platform can be.” A likely explanation.

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