Are Young Trophy Wives Losing Their Luster?

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We’ve all heard of men who divorce one wife only to marry a woman who is ten, twenty, or even thirty years younger than their first. Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner, and Brad Pitt have all “traded younger,” so to speak. However, a recent spate of celebrity men who have done the opposite, “traded older,” has people like Forbe's Kiri Blakeley wondering if young trophy wives are beginning to lose their luster. 

So why are some celebrity men trading older?

“My immediate thought is that they got tired of dating women who didn’t have the same frame of reference that they did,” says Kimberly Dawn Neumann, a relationship coach and author of The Real Reasons Men Commit. “After dating a ‘trophy,’ as they aged and, dare we say it, matured, they realized that they wanted more of a partner with whom they have things in common.”

Neuman also believes many men have grown weary of trying to make things work with a younger woman and enjoy the relative stability that comes with someone who is more like them.

Paul McCartney, John Mellancap, and Ryan Reynolds are three celebrity men who haved traded older. McCartney’s second wife is eight years older than his first, while John Mellancap is dating actress Meg Ryan, a woman who is a decade older than his first wife Heather Mills. When Ryan Reynolds split from Scarlett Johansson, 26, he allegedly turned to the arms of Sandra Bullock who is twenty years older than the young actress.

What do you think? Are young trophy wives on the way out? Or are McCartney, Mellancap, and Reynolds dating anamolies?

Source: Forbes

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