Awkward Family Photos Now in Paperback!

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Everyone has an embarrassing family photo to two. But when Mike Bender and Doug Chernack created a website where people could feel comfortable sharing all their uncomfortable family photos, they never imagined it would become an internet sensation, much less a best selling book. receives over 15 million visitors and 6,000 submissions each month. They decided to expand on the success of the website by putting together the Awkward Family Photos book with never-before-seen snapshots and hilarious stories. In the first week out, the book is already listed as #3 on the New York Times Best Seller List.

While they'll have no problem continuing to collect material for future books, Bender and Chernack are also going to start including awkward family videos to their website.

Me-ow my eyes!

Hot chicks with... chickens?

Reading is fundamental!

Hot hockey mom

Going where no family has gone before

Sunglasses worn to hide their identities

Looks normal... but there are 7 people in this pic!

Ho, ho, how bout some clothes?

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