Tell-All Book Includes Naughty Photos of a Young Bon Jovi

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Yesterday, the tell-all book Sex, Drugs, and Bon Jovi became available to the world, and it contains some rather titillating photos of a young Bon Jovi. The unauthorized biography, written by former tour manager Rich Bozzett, contains pictures of Bon Jovi in bed with naked and topless models as well as a faux (?) orgy situation. TMZ has the exclusive photos here.

Bozzet acknowledges that the naughty pictures, outtakes from a publicity photo shoot during the band's "7800 Fahrenheit" tour, were not ones Bon Jovi wished to share, but that didn't stop the disgruntled tour manager from publishing them. He'd held onto the negatives for several years and apparently thought the book was the perfect way to debut the scandalous prints. Bozzett believes Bon Jovi cheated him out of millions of dollars and claims the book is "about helping other people out there who have been mistreated like I was." A spokesperson for the band has "no comment" on Bozzett's attempts to "cash in on alleged experiences he had 21 years ago."

Quite honestly, I don't find the photos all that shocking, especially for a 22-year-old rock star. Do you?

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