Build the Perfect Mate With My Wife: A Bride Just For You

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Categories: Dating and Relationships

Dating simulation games are huge in Japan and enthusiastic men in the Land of the Rising Sun have even go so far as to marry their sim girlfriends! This game genre has yet to take off in America, but an upcoming game for XBox 360 (Japan) may stir some interest.

The wife-making utility in My Wife: A Bride Just For You lets players build the perfect spouse (if only they had that in real life). Gamers can customize a bride's looks, personality, name, birthdate, blood type, and more. For those who are too lazy to build a wife from scratch, there are a few pre-set models. Choices include the Childhood Friend Type, the Gentle and Natural Type, the Cinderella Princess Type, the Older Sister Type, and the Little Sister Type (that's kind of disturbing).

There are a variety of different activities players can enjoy with their wives, though we're not sure if sim sex is one of them. Players can, however, sip juice with their lovers, tend to her delicate undergarments, eat dinner together, etc.

My Wife: A Bride Just For You will be out in August in Japan for around $78 US. No word on if it will also be available in the US, but lonely gamers can only hope.

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