Controversial Book for Chubby Children

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A new children's book coming in October claims to be an inspirational story aimed toward ages 6 and up. While some agree, many more others are outraged.

Maggie Goes on a Diet tells the tale of a 14-year-old girl who grows tired of being called "fatty", loses weight, and becomes the school soccer star. Supporters say it's good to promote healthy eating and exercise, while critics cry that a diet book for children will trigger eating disorders.

Much of the problem appears to be with the book's cover. Rather than showing Maggie eating some fresh fruit or sweating it out at soccer practice, the cover depicts her chubby self seeing her skinny self in the mirror while holding up a pink frilly dress.

People also have a problem with a young girl being the main character of a diet book.

"It is unacceptable that the book focuses on teenage girls only and not ALL children. Why is that? Why is a boy not the main character, fretting about fitting into his football jersey?" asks Seeker on

Author Paul Kramer went on Good Morning America earlier this week to defend himself, saying Maggie "does want to look better. She does want to feel better and she does not want to be teased."

Would you buy this book for your young children?

Source: Salon, Photo: adlie

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