Curious Anti-Aging Products from Japan

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Beauty companies continue to crowd the market with anti-aging products that promise to eradicate wrinkles. From creams and ointments to pills and injections, some women (and men!) will try anything to reverse those sinister signs of aging.

A Japanese company is practically selling out of these strange yet popular products. Here are four of my favorites. Would you be willing to try them?

Mejikara Anti-Aging Goggles

Get rid of those tired, old-looking eyes by wearing these glasses for just five minutes every day! The specially-designed ridges massage the wrinkles away!

Facial Lift At Once Face Trainer

This product carries the warning "not waterproof", yet you slip the vibrating gadget inside your mouth for three minutes each day. Face muscles are given a "boost" by all the buzzing!

Houreisen Face Exercise Mask

Tighten up those saggy cheeks by strapping on this mask behind your ears and open and close your mouth for 10 minutes every day!

Beauty Lift High Nose

Droopy nose? No worries! This gadget gives gentle vibrations for a firmer, higher nose in just three minutes a day!

Source, Photos: Japan Trend Shop

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