Date Dames Like Johnny Depp Does

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The ladies love Johnny Depp and men admire him too. He's not your typical "I'm hot and I know it" male celebrity and there's just something super sexy about that. While the ladies drool, men wonder how they can conjour up their own Johnny mojo. rises to the rescue. They offer up dating tips from Johnny Depp to help get "women eating out of the palm of your scissor-hand." Here's our favorite three.

Confront Conformity

Being different is daring and risky, but it's ultra attractive to the ladies. Depp dropped out of high school to join a rock band. He takes on unusual acting roles with no concern for seeming absurd. Sure, some girls like safe, stable studs, but if that's not working for you, try an unconventional style.

Appreciate Ambition

It may be easy to say that money isn't everything when you're a hugely successful actor, but by Depp choosing his quirkier, small budget movie roles, he shows he's really not all about the paycheck. He wants to work on projects he enjoys and topics that interest him. That makes him more of an interesting guy. 

Embrace Eccentricities

Ladies will say Depp is wonderful, but they'll also admit he's weird. He wears girly jewelry and flaunts funny facial hair, but he doesn't care. He appears comfortable, cool, and confident to be himself. Men who adopt this bold behavior go from feeling weird to hearing "wow".

Start marching to your own beat and see if these tips can help you attract more hotties!

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