Delusions Are Good For Your Marriage

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Some say it’s not healthy to look at life through rose colored glasses, but a new study conducted at the University of Buffalo seems to suggest it is good for your marriage.  The study found that the secret to a happy marriage is to be slightly delusional about your partner.

Researchers convinced 222 couples about to get marriage licenses to participate in the three yearlong study.  Couples filled out surveys on themselves, their partner, and their marriage every six months. Researchers then compared the self ratings in terms of intelligence, creativity, athletic skills, with how their spouse rated the same attributes. They found that those who inflated their partners characteristics also reported being much happier than those who didn’t. 

“People are very good at changing their definitions to match how they want to see themselves or others. Seeing a less than ideal partner as a reflection of one’s ideals predicted a certain level of immunity to the corrosive effects of time,” said researcher Sandra Murray.

This does actually make sense. If you deemed your partner not good enough you are likely to seek another partner.  On the other hand, if you believe your partner is better than whatever else is out there you are likely to stay and be happy.

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