Diamonds At Costco

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Most of us think of discount warehouse stores, like Costco, as great places to get tires or beer but not such a great place to get bridal jewelry.  Well, Costco is trying to change our minds about how we perceive them.

Recently they launched bridal boutiques in some of their California locations and now they are selling engagement jewelry. 

They have a ring available for $1,000,000. It’s a round solitaire with an IF Clarity and a D color set in platinum.  It is surprisingly lovely.  But it’s at Costco, so how good of a deal is it really? 

Apparently it’s a pretty good deal.  The International Gemological Institute says the 6.77 carat diamond with an excellent cut and internally flawless clarity is worth a lot more, $1.6 million to be exact.  That’s a savings of half a million.

The bigger question is would any woman want their engagement right to come from a discount warehouse store.  Chances are if presented with such an exquisite stone she wouldn’t mind if it came from a Cracker Jack box.  Well, at least I could forgive the lack of a little blue box in favor of six carat stone like that.

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