Do Busy Working Women Have Happier Marriages?

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While one might think a hectic job would put strain on a marriage, a new study has found that working women are actually happier with their marriages when they are shouldering heavy loads at work. 

So what is it about a busy job that makes working moms happier? Researchers think the answer may be as simple as men help out more around the house when their wives are busy. A hectic job “may liberate wives from some of the burdens of juggling the two worlds of work and family life, increasing their satisfaction with the marriage,” says the study by researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and the University of California, Los Angeles. The four-year study of 169 couples was recently published in the Journal of Family Psychology.

Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt that other studies have found that men who do more housework tend to have sex more often with their wives. Many women also report feeling more invigorated when juggling two or more roles, another reason women may be happier with their marriages when faced with a heavy workload.

The reverse, however, isn’t true. When men shoulder heavy burdens at work, both men and their wives are less satisfied with their marriages, though researchers aren't sure why.

What do you think about the results of this study?


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