Do Men Secretly Lust After Their Female Friends? Glamour Investigates

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Can men and women ever be “just friends”? Glamour recently asked 100 fellows what they think about female friends and platonic friendships. Here’s what the guys had to say.

Do guys fantasize about their female friends? According to the survey, most do. 92% of the men Glamour spoke with admitted to fantasizing about their gal pals. According to Dustin, age 25, “I’m not in love with any of them, but I’d sleep with some!”

How often do men sleep with their friends and what happens to those who do? A little over half of the men Glamour surveyed 54%, have hooked up with a female friend and managed to remain pals. 13% hooked up with a former friend they are now romantically involved with, while a small percentage of men, 8%, have ruined their relationship with a friend by doing the deed. A quarter of men have never hooked up with a friend of the opposite sex.

So what do guys talk to their female friends about? 54% discuss the same stuff they discuss with male friends, while 46% talk about stuff they can’t discuss with the guys.

There have been a few recent movies about friends with benefits, but do such relationships work in real life? Apparently not. 67% of men who enjoyed a “friends with benefits” arrangement said the relationship did not work out. Only 2% started dating after enjoying special perks with their pals.

Close female friends often make for a jealous girlfriend. So how do guys react when a significant other voices her displeasure? It seems the charming axiom, “bros before hos,” applies even when the bro is a woman. The majority of men Glamour polled, 62%, would back away from their girlfriend rather than their friend. 38% of the men said they would respectfully see their friend less.

Check out the August issue of Glamour to see what else guys have to say about men, women, and platonic relationships!

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