Fertile Females Want Manly Men

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Baby-faced, Justin Bieber types beware! According to a recent study, women paired with less-masculine men are more likely to lust over other other males during their ovulation period than women coupled with manly men.

In the study conducted at the University of New Mexico, 66 women in monogamous heterosexual relationships came into the lab three times a month to answer a questionnaire about their sexual attractions and fantasies (awkward!). Researchers found that the ladies coupled with less-masculine men, i.e. men lacking the standard masculine traits like a square jaw and strong brow, more often fantasized about other men while they were fertile than the ladies coupled with more traditionally masculine looking men.

No need to panic, however, the fantasizing females are not more likely to cheat. Nor, do they necessarily find manly men more attractive as a long-term partner. Researchers believe the attraction is a remnant from our ancient ancestors who lived in a time when masucline men typically produced healthier offspring and women were innately attracted to such men as a result.

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