Harlequin Seeks To Patent The Kiss

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Can you really patent a kiss?  Romance novel publisher Harlequin is going to give a shot.

They are looking to patent a specific kind of kiss. A press release says it is a way for “two people to reciprocate their romantic feelings toward one another in a manner that deepens attachment, provides pleasure and promotes physical and emotional well-being- the essential romantic kiss.

Michelle Renaud, head of the Preservation of the Kiss office at Harlequin believes they have a basis with which to seek the patent.  Her “division of Harlequin exists to celebrate all things related to kissing”

She said, “Kisses are in every one of our romance novels.”  We would hope romance novels would include kisses.

In an effort to gain support for the patent they launched a site focused solely on around the kiss.  It features a kiss creation tool that allows visitors to uncover their ideal kiss and their style of kiss.   The site has had 250 kisses submitted including “The Kim Kardashian Classic Sneak Kiss” submitted by the reality diva herself.

“It’s nice to see how inventive people are getting with this, Renaud said.  “You can tell people are thinking back to a memorable kiss.”

It will be interesting to see if the request is granted by the United States Patents and Trademark Office. 

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