Help! Wife Wants Too Much Sexy Time!

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When a spouse is sleeping on the sofa, you can bet that a fight broke out the night before. It typically lasts one night, apologies are exchanged, and home life is happy again.

But some couples' situations are strangely different. A Turkish man living in Germany camped on his couch for four years to escape the clutches of his sex-crazed wife!

Married for 18 years with two children, the tired Turk finally turned to police for help. "Now he has decided to get a divorce and to move out... in the hope of finally getting some rest, particularly as he is anxious to arrive at work well rested," police said.

Couples are commonly considered to have less sex after getting married, but not in this case! His sleeping on the couch isn't much of a solution, as the wife still wanders into the living room, demanding he "perform his marital duties", say police.

Have you ever heard of a man complaining about too much sex? Has hell frozen over? 

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