How to Marry a Younger Woman

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It’s a dream that comes about gradually for many men as they get older – the dream of marrying a younger woman. For some, it may seem impossible. But the truth is you don’t need to be Hugh Hefner to get with a young hottie. All you need is the knowhow.

Here are some tips on how to make it happen.

What She Must Have

In order for a marriage to a younger woman to be meaningful and worthwhile, you must establish what traits are you look for in a bride. Here are a few traits that most men find to be absolutely essential:

  • Good Looks – She must be physically attractive.
  • Educated – She must be intelligent and possess a degree or at least a healthy amount of post-secondary education. Unless she somehow made her own way without a college degree, you should avoid dropouts.
  • People Skills – She must be able to hold her own in a social situation. This means she must have charm and the ability to carry a conversation.
  • Strong-Willed – She must not be timid or unable to present herself as your other half. She must exude confidence and a bold – but not overly aggressive – demeanor.

Where to Find Her

The best way to find and connect with younger women is to go where she might try to find you. This includes upscale restaurants, charity events and fundraisers, country club gatherings, high-end bars, and grand opening events. Establish a visible presence at these places and the young women will learn to come to you.

Her Needs and Your Needs

Once you’ve found a younger woman you like, take stock in your priorities before making any big leaps into a relationship. Ask yourself what you want out of a relationship. Do you want sex? A woman to help you out with your business? A family?

Contrast these with what you perceive to be her objectives. Does she really like you? Or is she a gold digger? Whatever her intentions, you want to avoid a lady who only has eyes for your money.

Put these tips to practice. In no time, you will likely find yourself attracting women you thought you could only get with years ago.


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