Israel Bans Underweight Models

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In an attempt to promote healthy body images, Israel has banned underweight models from appearing in advertisements and on fashion runways. Models must also submit medical records proving they have a body mass index of at least 18.5%.

"Beautiful is not underweight, beautiful should not be anorexic," said Rachel Adato, who pushed for the bill.

Supporters like Adato say the law is necessary to stop the fashion industry from pushing for thinner and thinner models and endangering the lives of women as a result.

"Fifteen to 20 years ago, we shot models (sized) 38,” said Israeli modeling agent and photographer Adi Barkan. “Today it's 24. This is the difference between thin and too thin. This is the difference between death and life."

Israel also decreed that publications must notify readers if they manipulate a picture of a model to make her appear thinner.

Of course, not everyone agrees with the new regulations. People like Israeli modeling agent Eli Edri argue that some models are naturally very thin and can’t gain weight.

"I know many models who are totally healthy girls who might be disqualified because of the law," he said. "Such a law would disqualify them without determining whether they are really sick or not."

What do you think of the new law banning underweight models? Just and necessary or silly and unfair? Do you the United States might pass a law like this someday? 

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