Kate Middleton Copycats Crash Website in Search of Duchess’s Dress

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Kate Middleton, the new Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, is one of the world’s newest style icons, a figure so popular that she merely has to appear in public in a designer dress to inspire a frenzy of copycat buyers. 

On Tuesday, a photo of the new Duchess chatting with another well-known style icon, Michelle Obama, appeared online and it wasn’t long before the tan Reiss dress Kate wore became the latest must-have item. So many fashionistas clamored online to get their hands on the $340 “Shola” dress that the Reiss website shut down, unable to handle the approximately 300 percent increase in traffic. Needless to say, the dress sold out quickly.

“To all our Shola fans!...,” Reiss tweeted Wednesday morning. “The dress has now sold out online and in the US, with very limited stock left in UK stores.”

Fashion fans needn’t despair, however. The designer assures customers that there are plenty of Shola substitutes available, and the fashion brand has re-ordered the phenomenally popular dress which will be available in approximately 5 – 6 weeks.

According to The Telegraph, Kate has been photographed wearing Reiss on a number of occasions and has become something of an ambassador for the high street label.


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