Kate Middleton Quits Her Job to Be Full-Time Princess

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Kate Middleton, with just 94 days left as a single (well, you know) woman, has quit her job to get ready for life as a professional princess.

Buckingham Palace officials have confirmed that the soon to be Mrs. Prince Willian has given up her position as project manager at her parents’ events business, Party Pieces, and will now “concentrate full-time on preparing to become a member of the royal family.” As the unemployment rate in the U.K. is hovering around 8%, the family business can be sure to receive plenty of job applications.

Middleton is apparently using the skills she learned at her parents’ firm – where she’s worked as a Web designer, party organizer, and photographer – to plan her own wedding. “She’s really throwing herself into it with gusto and energy and is an absolute pleasure to work with,” a friend of Middleton’s, who also worked at Party Pieces, said.

Although many commentators have claimed that the wedding will mark the further modernization of the monarchy, it appears as though Middleton wants to keep the ceremony strictly traditional. “In the end it will be a traditional Anglican wedding. Don’t, for example, expect a rock band to be performing in the Abbey,” a member of the royal household said.

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