Kate's Dress To Be Copied Quickly

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As the world waits to catch a glimpse of Kate's wedding dress for the first time. designers around the world will be poised to create their versions of her dress for the masses. 

 One designer in New York is planning to be the first to bring a knockoff to market. Shala Moradi, head designer for Faviana, will be watching the wedding with her sketch pad in hand, poised to begin the mad dash to duplicate the dress seen around the world.

“I don’t get nervous. But it’s a bit of pressure with the timing," she said.

The first step is to figure out the fabric choice and the silhouette, both crucial details. 

Once at work she and her team will start to make a sample dress.  Employees will be sent to all corners of the district to find the fabric, beading and trims needed to duplicate the dress.  By the end of the weekend a finished sample will be ready to ship to China for production.

Her version will retail for less than $2,000 and will be sold online and in department stores. 

“Depending on the style it should hit the market within eight weeks,” said Navid Moradi, president of Faviana.

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