Lady Gaga Slams Fashion Critics, Calls Them Obsolete

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Lady Gaga’s sense of fashion is rather unusual to say the least, so it’s not surprising that many fashion critics take issue with her looks. However, Lady Gaga has had enough of what she calls “extreme critic fundamentalism,” and argues that old-school fashion critics are on the way out.

"It's so easy to say something is bad," Gaga writes in her column for V Magazine. "It's so easy to write, 'One star, hated it, worst show of the season.' It's much more challenging to reckon with and analyze a work. It requires research, but maybe no one does their research anymore."

Lady Gaga is particularly disgusted with New York fashion writer Cathy Horyn. Horyn said the singer looked “embalmed” in the vintage Versace she wore in “Edge of Glory” and has referred to Gaga as “an ugly duckling with great spook appeal.”

"When does the critique or review become insult and not insight? Injury and not intellect?" Lady Gaga asks.

Gaga argues that Horyn’s opinion is no more valid than anyone else’s and that cynical critics who rely on traditional media for their credibility are doomed to extinction. 

“The reality of today’s media is that there are no echelons, and if they’re not careful, the most astute and educated journalists can be reduced to gossipers, while a 14-year-old who doesn’t even have a high school locker yet can master social media engines and, incidentally, generate a specific, well-thought-out, debatable opinion about fashion and music that is then considered by 200 million people on Twitter.”

Lady Gaga is referring to Tavi Gevinson, the 15-year-old behind the popular style blog

What do you think of Gaga’s argument? Are traditional fashion critics on the way out or is that just wishful thinking?

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