Hot Women and Lonely Gamers Connect at

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Thanks to a new site called, lonely gamers can now play with someone other than themselves.

For a fee, the new site will connect male gamers with hot women. Offically, the two will play games and chat but as “GameCrush does not monitor, moderate, or otherwise control the interaction between its users” there is sure to be all sorts of extracurricular activities.

Gamers can request to play with one of approximately 1,200 women, known as PlayDates, for a fee of $6.60 every ten minutes, not including tips (dare we ask how the ladies earn tips?). The dates include a private video chat session and the "casual game" of a gentleman's choice. Battleship, for example. is currently in private beta, but interested parties can register for the mailing list if they want to know when the site is active. Women can also sign up to be a PlayDate and earn extra money.

Game on.

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