Male Mystique Makes Women Melt

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The majority of today's men are more metrosexual than macho. While ladies do appreciate a guy who keeps his nails trimmed and his skin soft, that doesn't men fellas should be spending more on manicures and moisturizer than movie dates. The old school male mystique has seem to have gone by the wayside, but these tips can bring it back, and hopefully bring more romance into your life.

Macho, Macho Man

Women are turned on by strong men who will protect them and be in control. Dress like a man by wearing simple t-shirts and jeans that fit your body. Those sparkly Ed Hardy shirts are for Jon Gosselin and Jersey Shore. Own at least 2 custom fitted suits for special occasions and you'll really impress the ladies. And don't forget your gentlemanly gestures like opening doors and surprising her with flowers.

Speak Sparingly

An important ingredient of the male mystique is learning how to hold back. Talk in short sentences. Answer her question with a question or reply vaguely. Maintain heavy eye contact. It can be tricky to do all this without seeming like a creep or weirdo but it can be done and it works.

Initiate Intimacy

Another trick is to subtlely introduce intimacy. Again, holding back here is key or else you'll appear inappropriate. Playfully tap her arm, rub her shoulder, or anything innocent and sweet that causes physical contact. Whether she realizes it or not, she'll pick up your nonverbal cues and hopefully reciprocate.

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