Marriage Keeps Men Out of Trouble?

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For years, studies have revealed the many benefits of marriage. Married men live longer than their single counterparts, they earn more money, they receive more promotions, and they have more sex. Now there is another benefit to add to the list. According to a recent study, marriage also helps keep men out of trouble.  

While researchers already knew that married men are less likely to engage in criminal behavior than single men (35% less likely according to one study), they weren’t sure if marriage was the reason or if aggressive men were simply less likely to get married. S. Alexandra Burt, a behavioral geneticist at Michigan State University, learned that it’s a little of both.

In the study, detailed in Archives of General Psychiatry, Burt and her colleagues studied 289 pairs of male twins, surveying the men at ages 17, 20, 24, and 29. In the surveys, researchers asked the young men about their marital status and what kind of aggressive behaviors and illegal activities they had engaged in. The results? The men who were married by age 29 were better behaved in their youth than the men who were still single, suggesting aggressive men are less likely to get married. However, even men who were aggressive and anti-social calmed down after tying the knot. Burt and her researchers found that, overall, marriage seems to reduce antisocial behavior by 30 percent.

It seems that wives, which some men jokingly refer to as the old ball and chain, actually help keep men away from real balls and chains. Do you believe it?

Source: Live Science

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