Most Common Wish for Weight Loss? 7 Pounds

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According to an essay in the Daily Mail, seven pounds is the ‘holy grail,’ the magic number, of weight loss.  It’s an amount significant enough that, no matter what one’s starting weight is, clothes will fit differently (read: better, looser).

Essayist Jenny Dickinson says, “It’s also a loss that is physically noticeable on most women, so it’s in the region that will gain us recognition for our efforts.”

And, since 7 pounds really isn’t that much, it’s a relatively easy goal for most people to achieve. What’s not to like?

Dickinson reasons, “Seven pounds can be the adoption of a weekly [exercise] class, cutting down on our [wine], or saying no to the cheese plate for a few weeks.” And she’s right! Plus, she adds, telling someone you want to lose seven pounds isn’t likely to elicit much criticism. For the average-sized woman, it’s a ‘safe’ number to lose, both physically and socially –without raising eyebrows about eating disorders or odd behavior.

I don’t know about you guys, but if someone told me they wanted to lose 7 pounds, I’d think they were a bit of – isn’t it a little reminiscent of the movie Mean Girls, in which Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams) remarks that she really wants to lose three pounds??

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