New Playboy Features 3D Centerfold!

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With the re-popularization of 3D following the success of movies like Avatar and Clash of the Titans, everyone is jumping (back) on the 3D bandwagon, including men’s magazine, Playboy.

Any why not Playboy? Who wouldn’t want to watch a beautiful naked lady jump out from those static pages? I sure would.

Playboy is seeking to boost its circulation, which has dropped more than 50% since 2006 (people now just surf the Web for porn). Editorial director Jimmy Jellinek told AP that the June 2010 issue, featuring the amazingly hot Hope Dworaczyk, is designed to “remind readers that for all the infatuation with the Internet, there is nothing quite like having a magazine in your hands.”

My take? Not sure this is going to help much. Magazines are a thing of the past Jimmy. Unless Playboy can pioneer holographic pictorials, your days may be numbered. But I am a fan of Playboy. The photos are top notch.

The issue comes with 3D glasses, branded with the “True Blood” logo. HBO’s KILLER vampire show has a new season kicking off June 13.

Playboy Cover Photo: M. Spencer Green, AP. Hope Dworaczyk photo from Playboy

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