Partners Living Together Enjoy Happy Relationships

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Married and cohabitating couples in Britain are very happy folks.  A recent study conducted by researchers at the Institute for Social and Economic Research shows that about 90 percent of people who live with a partner are happy in their relationships.

They asked couples to rate their happiness on a seven point scale, going from extremely unhappy to perfect.  They found 90% of married woman and 88% of cohabitating woman were happy in their relationships.  While 92% of cohabitating men were happy, 93% of married men reported being happy.

The study found the following factors were common among the happiest couples.  Couples who were both educated to the same degree level, had no children, had been together less than five years, and the man was employed were seen as happier.

After taking into account factors such as, age, gender, number of children, duration of the relationship, employment status, and education it seems married couples are much happier than cohabitating couples.

The study was rather unique in that the researchers were able to study both partners. They were then able to match up answers to get a bigger picture of their relationship. 

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