Poll: Mobile Etiquette Getting Worse

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We’ve all seen them: the woman who yaks on her cell phone while checking out at the grocery store, the friend who continuously texts while out with others, the man who texts and drive. Bad mobile etiquette is everywhere and according to a new poll most Americans believe it's getting worse.

Intel, a computer innovation company, polled 2,000 American men and women about bad mobile etiquette and found that 91% have seen others misuse mobile technology while three quarters believe mobile manners have deteriorated over the last year.

"New digital technologies are becoming a mainstay in consumers' lives, but we haven't worked out for ourselves, our families, communities and societies what all the right kinds of behaviors and expectations will be," said Genevieve Bell, the head of interaction and experience research at Intel.

In addition, the survey found that most people are extremely annoyed when others display poor mobile etiquette, despite admitting to bad manners themselves. Sixty-five percent reported growing angry around a person behaving rudely with a mobile device, while 75% think the nation’s lack of mobile manners has created a new form of rage. Twenty percent of those surveyed admitted they have been less than polite while using a mobile device.

According to poll, the most annoying offenses are talking on the cell phone while driving, having loud cell phone conversations in public, and texting or talking on the phone while walking in the street.

How many of these offenses are you guilty of? How many do you find unbearable? I can't stand it when people talk on the phone while checking out at the store or insist on wearing their Bluetooth headset into the gym. So rude and unnecessary!

Source: Reuters

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