Rick Springfield Shares Dark Secrets in New Memoir

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Rick Springfield's new memoir

As an 80s pop hit hero and General Hospital hunk, Rick Springfield seemed to be living the life that every man longed for. However, his real story involved deep depression, a suicide attempt, and lots of sleeping around. All is revealed in Late, Late at Night, a brutally honest, self-deprecating, sad, yet eventually uplifting, new memoir.

He shares shocking stories from his teenage years, such as trying to hang himself in his backyard shed, and helping U.S. troops load mortars during an attack against Viet Cong soldiers. He also dishes details about his love affair with 15-year-old Linda Blair when he was 25, plus he professes his lifelong battle with The Darkness, his term for his severe depression.

Springfield does eventually start discussing his 26 year marriage, his sons, his spirituality, and such, showing there is light at the end of this deep, dark memoir. Hooray!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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