Rosso Solini Lets You Dress Your Soles Up In Red

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Christian Louboutin may have someone else to sue over red soles, only this time it’s a teenager with a fabulous idea. Tara Haughton is the CEO of Rosso Solini, a company that makes water proof, recyclable red stickers to affix underneath your non-Louboutin shoes. Customers can also embellish and personalize their shoes with other stickers if they aren’t obsessed with branding.

Haughton claims to have gotten the idea while on vacation with her family in Spain.

“Last summer we were away at a family wedding in Spain and for a group photo, we had to throw red confetti. And where I had taken the price sticker off my shoe was still sticky and when I threw it up it got stuck to the bottom of my shoe. And later that night a woman asked me if I was wearing Louboutin’s because she had seen the flash of red as I was walking.”

This is a great idea for those of us too poor to afford a pair of Louboutin’s yet we can’t help but wonder how long it will take Christian Louboutin to sic his attorneys on her. After all he did go after Yves St.Laurent. Haughton could just follow the lead of YSL and tell Louboutin to suck it. Then again, Yves St.Laurent does have deeper pockets .

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