Serial Bride Getting Married for Ninth Time!

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Marrying someone younger than you isn’t too unusual… but it is when you do it 9 times! In North East England, 56-year-old Pat Higgins is engaged to 24-year-old Mark Sanderson, and she believes this marriage will last forever.

Pat’s first wedding was in 1974 and her last was in 2007. After 8 divorces, she carries the unwanted nicknames Man-eater and Black Widow. “I haven’t killed anyone or done anything illegal,” Pat says in defense of her reputation. “People get divorced all the time so I don’t know how people can judge me.”

She claims she’s tried to make every relationship work and chalks it up to just being unlucky in love.

While all of her husbands have been significantly younger than her, she doesn’t see any problem with that fact. “Younger men are more fun than men my age which suits me because I want to enjoy myself until I draw my last breath.”

Her new beau’s family is not thrilled about their impending nuptials, as Pat explains, “Most of my family are very supportive of me, although Mark's family are not happy.”

Despite all the ridicule, Pat still believes that she has found true love this time, saying, “When I walk down the aisle with my ninth husband I'll make a secret vow to myself, as well as to him … No more weddings, this time it has to last forever.”

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