Singles Say Money Doesn't Matter

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With the everlasting economic recession, everyone continues to pinch pennies in many aspects of their lives. Some singles have chosen not to go out on as many dates, or opt for cheaper alternatives to restaurants and movie theaters, like picnics in the park.

However, the recent Zagat Dating Survey has revealed that singles aren't as concerned about money.

541 men and women were presented with a variety of dating questions for this year's survey and one asked: Is money a concern when planning a date? Surprisingly, 52% answered "No, as long as my date and I are enjoying ourselves, we worry about the cost later," while 41% said "Somewhat, my date and I go on more free or low cost dates."

Only 7% answered "Yes, my date and I do more stay-at-home dinner-and-a-movie nights than ever before." 

Another interesting financial question included in the survey was if it would be bothersome if your date makes more money than you. Again, most respondents seem to feel that money doesn't really matter, as a whopping 75% said "No, who cares, I wouldn't date someone for his or her money."

So if you have your mind on your money and your money on your mind, maybe you should focus a little more on your heart to have more luck finding love!

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