Snuggie Up Your Sex Life With the Snuggie Sutra

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Who doesn't love the Snuggie, the wildly popular blanket with sleeves? It's great for camping, tailgating, puttering around the house, and sex. Wait, what? 

"You have a Snuggie. You have sex. This was inevitable." That's the tagline of, a website that helps Snuggie owners find "sexual positions that are both erotic and warm." The website, launched in May 2009, is an illustrated guide to Snuggie sex and site creators also published a book early last month. With positions like The Mel Gibson, The King James, The Amish Curtain, and The Papoose, couples are sure to have a good time.

Here are a few user reviews from, as well as couple of sample positions from the Snuggie Sutra website. Will you be purchasing the book?

"Gives me and my wife something to do while watching Season Two of 'Hey Dude'! Much better than laying around in a Slanket and watching 'Salute Your Shorts'!" - Dustmck

"Up to this point I only had shower curtain and duct tape. My folks always said I had a limited imagintaion. Thank you writers of Snuggie Sutra. Now me and my Everquest friends have activities for hours when the internet connection is down." - Bigblackpumper

The Matador

She taunts him, he advances — she pulls away. She teases him, he approaches — she lets him go. When she is ready, she takes the bull by the horns. Olé!

The Magic Carpet

When you sweep her off her feet, she'll learn that if she rubs your special lamp just right, it will take her to a whole new world.


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