Study: Beautiful Women May Mean Trouble for Relationships

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We’ve all seen mismatched couples. That is, couples in which one partner (usually the woman) is vastly more attractive than the other. Such relationships are why the terms “trophy wife,” “sugar daddy,” and “sugar mama” were invented.  

In not-so-surprising news, a new study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that relationships in which the woman is more attractive than the man are more likely to fail than relationships involving couples with similar looks. Interestingly, the reverse (attractive men, less attractive women) was not true.

Researchers at the Stirling, Chester, and Liverpool University arrived at this conclusion by collecting over 100 photos of men and women involved in a relationship and then rating their looks. Some participants had been with their partner for a few months, while others had been romantically involved for years. The results?

Relationships involving stunning women tended to last only a few months, while a man’s good looks seemed to have no bearing on the success, or failure, of a relationship. 

"This would indicate it is the woman who is in control of whether the relationship continues," researcher Rob Burriss said. "Beautiful women may realize they can afford to pick and choose. They're better placed to move on.”

On the other hand, Dr. Burriss noted, less attractive women “may have to make do with what they have, hence the longer relationships.”

The Daily Mail notes that the study's findings may explain why Angelina Jolie's relationships with the less attractive Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton were shorter than her relationship with the handsome Brad Pitt.

Perhaps Jimmy Soul was right when he said "If you want to happy for the rest of your life never make a pretty woman your wife.”


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