Study: Boredom a Threat to Marriage

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According to a recent study in Canada, many married couples today are bored with wedded life and this boredom threatens the success of their relationship.

"If a close relationships researcher were to approach people on the street and ask, “What is the major obstacle to lasting love?”, we suspect that the most frequent answers would be “conflict”, “betrayal”, “selfishness” and the like,” said researcher Beverley Fehr of the University of Winnipeg in Canada. “We would be quite surprised if anyone replied “boredom” and yet that may be the correct answer.”

So just how bored are married couples these days? 

In one experiment, researchers asked 88 Canaddian couples to describe their relationships. The couples’ answers included nearly 70 varying descriptions of boredom.

In another experiment, researchers asked a second group of people to look over a list of descriptions and choose the words or phrases that most applied to their marriage. Dull was the most common choice, though “the relationship feels like a chore” was also popular. “Lack of fun,” “lack of romance,” and “lack of conversation” also scored highly.

The study also found that women are more likely to be bored with marriage then men.

Depressed yet, married people? Fortunately, there are a many ways to keep marriage boredom at bay. Make an effort to communicate with your partner, surprise him or her with fun dates or special gifts, be romantic, and try not to fall into a suffocating routine. It may take some work, but the health of your marriage is certainly worth it!

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