Study: Singles in China Lonely, Depressed

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Talk about a Valentine’s Day downer. According to a recent study in China, single Chinese men and women are terribly lonely and at risk for a variety of mental and physical health problems.

Beijing-based Ciming Health Checkup Management Group, in conjunction with the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and forty other organizations, surveyed 160,000 Chinese singles, or leftovers as they are so lovingly called in that nation, and found that unattached men and women suffer from depression, stress, and sexual repression, among other ailments. Here's what the study, out just in time for Valentine's Day, specifically found.

Time reports that over 70% of the singles surveyed have grown depressed over their single status, while only 25% are satisfied with their single lives. 17.6% have regular sexual partners, 22% often feel lonely, and 30% feel anxious or frustrated by their lack of a significant other. Most of the singles polled believe they are single because they go straight home after work rather than hobnob with friends or co-workers.

I’m no expert, but perhaps Chinese singles feel lonely and depressed about their single status because society views them as leftovers, not because they haven’t yet found a partner. The cast-off status certainly can't help.

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