Teri Hatcher Breaks a Rib in Pole-Dance Mishap

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Teri Hatcher

Who knew pole-dancing is such a dangerous sport? Actress Teri Hatcher evidently didn’t know that. The Desperate Housewives star recently revealed that she broke a rib while filming a pole-dancing scene for the hit NBC drama.

Hatcher was reportedly in the midst of a sexy dance move that required her to flip upside down while hanging onto the pole when her rib cracked.

Despite the injury, Hatcher had to continue stripping through multiple takes. What’s worse? She performed the spectacle in front of 20 complete strangers as the cameras rolled.

Oh, and all of it just happened to take place on her 45th birthday.

The actress later said of the incident: “Any insecurities I had, I think karma, life was saying ‘You just have to embrace this and be proud of who you are.”

We’re certainly proud of Teri. And we will be glad to watc her rib-busting pole-dance performance over and over again on TiVo.


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