The Appeal of Country Boys

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Unfortunately, many movies and television shows portray rural men as dim-witted hicks with nothing to offer smart, sophisticated women. For this reason, many country boys may hesitate to approach city gals, believing the women have no interest in men from small towns. However, this is rarely the case. Many women adore the qualities of the stereotypical country boy. Qualities such as...

Politeness, Chivalry

Country boys are polite and chivalrous. They don’t hesitate to open doors for women, pull out chairs, offer their jackets when the weather turns cold, or ensure a lady gets home safely. Country boys say please, thank you, and generally address strangers as sir or ma’am. Women who appreciate chivalry love men who are polite and respectful. In other words, country boys are a perfect match!  

A Solid Work Ethic

Many women can’t help but admire a man with a strong work ethic, one who works hard to support his family. Country boys are known for working hard, whether as a farmer, rancher, truck driver, construction worker, or something completely different. Plus, there’s just something appealing about a rugged man who works with his hands.

Strong Family Values

Many ladies, regardless of where they’re from, long for a happy family, a loving home, and a man with strong family values. Country boys are a perfect match for women in this regard because they too have traditional family values. More than a few country songs extol the virtues of a loving wife, a happy family, and a cozy home.

Of course, not all women like boys from the country and not all country boys embody the qualities listed below. However, women who do love rural fellows love the men because they are hard workers who are polite, chivalrous, and possess strong family values. Women everywhere love these qualities, not just those from small areas, so don’t be ashamed of your country roots, gentlemen. Be proud and show the ladies why country boys are worth their weight in gold!

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