The Best (and Worst) Hairstyles for Men

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If you're anything like me, you don't like to mess too much with your hairstyle. Nevertheless, a good style is an essential accessory to any man's overall wardrobe - and one that must be of supreme excellence in order to attract supremely excellent women.

Here are a few of the best and worst hair style that are popular right now.

The Best Styles

The Textured Crop
If you’re not sure what this is, do a Google search for the likes of Casey Affleck or Jude Law. This cut will have you exhibiting an air of sophistication without burying your wild side. Think of it as a controlled mess. It’s good for gentlemen with a little or a lot of hair.

Buzz Cuts

Not the kind of guy who likes to mess around with his hair? Then this one could be for you. It is the quintessential low-maintenance cut, putting emphasis on your facial features and helping project an image of confidence. This classic style also works well for men who are bald or balding.

The Parted Side
You can’t go wrong with this conservative style that is popular among professionals and educated men. Russia’s own Vladimir Putin has been known to sport this look. Is it any wonder that so many Russians – and Russian women especially – view him as an ideal man? Whether you part it on the left or right, just be sure to part your hair in the area in which it naturally splits. Otherwise, you risk looking like a goofball.

The Worst


The “business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back” look just doesn’t cut it (pun intended), unless maybe you’re looking to pick up a lady in a country and western bar.

There is no more telling sign of a man who is willing to let himself go. And when that happens, she will let you go.

Slicked-Back Hair

Unless you’re trying to sell used-cars or look like a guy who is not a fan of shampoo, this doo is not for you.

Long Hair

It works for rock stars. But that’s because they’re rock stars.

It's important that you change up your style now and then. But don't feel like you have to adopt a new look too frequently. The right style can become like your personal trademark if done properly.


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