The Dukan Diet Is Coming

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Every so often a new diet dances onto the scene just in time for summer.  Over the years the popular diets that have had a lasting presence have been Weight Watchers, South Beach and the famed Atkins diet.  The latest on the scene is the Dukan Diet. 

The Dukan Diet is making its way across the pond from France to the U.S.  It is inspired by Atkins and Weight Watchers. The diet is unique in that there is no calorie counting like with Weight Watchers and it restricts your fat intake unlike Atkins.

Its creator, Dr. Pierre Dukan, has built his diet around four phases.  You start with the attack phase, which consists of protein rich foods only. Then you move onto the cruise phase where you add in veggies. The next phase is consolidation and it adds bread, cheese and fruit with dessert twice. Finally you have stabilization which is one day of strict protein and six days of anything.

The diet has been all the rage in Europe with Kate Middleton rumored to be on it before her wedding.

There is an accompanying book that will be available in the United States this April.  The cover claims this is “The Real Reason the French Stay Thin.” 

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