Top 5 Bad Skin Habits You Need to Break

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Bad Skin Habits

As summer approaches, you may find yourself showing off more skin than usual. Here’s some advice on what bad-skin habits you should try breaking ASAP!

First of all, in case it hasn’t been drilled into your brain yet, you need to be using a daily sunscreen on the skin that’s exposed every day! Pick makeup that offers SPF coverage for your face, and use sunscreen on your chest, ears, and hands otherwise – more if you’re doing something that leaves you more exposed, like going to the beach.

Next up: Smoking. Smoking causes wrinkles around the mouth, and can also result in a blotchier skin tone. With the wealth of other problems smoking causes, there’s no better time to quit!

Drinking too much, too often can also be a cause of dull, lifeless skin. Alcohol dehydrates you and your skin, plus it increases the level of inflammatory agents in the bloodstream, meaning that your skin could start sagging more, sooner.

Staying up late leads to sleep deprivation, which can cause stress, which can in turn aggravate several skin conditions – acne, eczema, and psoriasis, just to name a few. Sleep is also the time when your body repairs damage done during the day – interrupting that process can cause slower cell turnover.

Finally, and this kind of goes hand-in-hand with wearing sunblock -- tanning. Laying out in the sun or (even worse!) hitting a tanning bed causes the skin to thicken and produce melanin, which is how skin turns darker. Any pigment change caused by UVA or UVB light can cause premature aging and increase the likelihood of cancer. Wear sunscreen!

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