Unique Newspaper-Themed Nuptials

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Megan and Tim were journalists at The Virgin Islands Daily Times when they began dating and fell in love. When the time came to tie the knot, the couple decided to deck out their wedding in black & white. "We knew that it had to pay homage to newspapers as much as possible," Megan says.

From the press release invitations with typewriter font to the young newsies yelling "Extra, extra, read all about it!" as they passed out programs, they certainly stuck with the theme!

The brides' 10-year-old twin boy cousins were costumed as the newsies, and the programs they were passing out were actual eight-page newspapers the couple had created! But wait, there's more!

Out-of-town guests received gift bags made from old newspapers the couple had saved over the years, and notebooks and pens were given as wedding favors.

On the reception tables, place cards were press passes, laminated with lanyards, and the centerpieces were old typewriters covered with flowers. An old paperboy bag was used to collect guests' cards.

Even the brides' bouquet had a touch of the theme as typewriter keys spelling "LOVE" were fastened on ribbons going down the stems.

Themed weddings are often tacky, but this one sounds like it was a classy tribute! Congrats to the clever couple!

Source: Poynter.org


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