Waveform Wedding Rings Offer Couples Something Different

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Bored with standard wedding rings? Looking for something more unique than diamonds and gold? Behold the waveform wedding ring!

Crafted by Japanese artist Sakurako Shimizu, these custom made wedding bands feature sound waves from the husband and wife-to-be. Most couples go with “I Do” sound waves, but “Forever Yours,” “Eternal Love,” or “Me So Horny,” are okay too. Shimizu’s rings come in a variety of materials, including silver, platinum, and gold, and the artist fulfills orders from around the world. There’s no pricing on Shimizu’s site, but the waveform rings can’t cost much more than some of the rocks women sport today.

Check out the rest of Sakurako Shimizu’s jewelry here. The artist also crafts waveform necklaces, brooches, bracelets, earrings, and more.

What do you think of waveform rings? Cool and unique or weird and ugly? While I think the concept is kind of cool, I know lots of women who would be disappointed with anything less than a diamond or some other gem (including myself, as shallow as that my seem).

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